Mattress Sizes

Mattress sales have dynamically shifted over the last several years. With the innovation of bed in a box people are now able to try mattresses in the comfort of their own home. Today we will review mattress sizes so you can measure what will fit best in your room.

A twin mattress measures 39” x 75.” A twin mattress size is often popular for kids, teenagers, and young adults. Given the 75” length, it may not be suitable for taller individuals. Twin mattresses are available in varying thicknesses. Often for the younger population, the twin 6” mattress is a popular option. The 8” twin mattress is also popular among the younger population (often in bunk beds) as well as the geriatric population (in hospital beds). Twin size mattresses are very economical, great for a small space, and a suitable option for the smaller and petite population.

A twin XL mattress measures 39” x 80.” A twin XL mattress is popular for taller individuals. The extra 5” in length compared to the twin mattress provides for greater leg and foot support so your feet aren’t hanging off the edge. Twin XL mattresses are also available in varying mattress thickness and materials such as latex hybrid, gel hybrid, or memory foam.

A full size mattress often referred to as a double mattress measures 54” x 75.” A full size mattress is great for growing kids who need a little more space to prevent falling out of bed. All of our mattresses can be placed directly on the floor without a box spring to make getting in and out of bed easy for children. A full size bed is also a great option for those downsizing from a queen or king bed. While traveling you will notice many hotels have 2 double beds in the room. Couples may find sleeping on a full size bed to be a tight fit. 

A queen size mattress measures 60” x 80” Queen size mattresses are the most popular sized mattresses purchased for adults as it is the same length as a regular king mattress but comes at a lower price point and fits in smaller spaces compared to a king sized bed. A queen size bed is ideal for larger bedrooms and smaller master bedrooms. There are a variety of queen mattresses to choose from: innerspring, memory foam, or hybrid. Many of the mattresses that are made of memory foam arrive as a mattress in a box even in a queen size. Our queen size mattresses start at $699.

A king size mattress measures 76” x 80.” A king size bed is great for couples who want enough room to move around or spread out at night. It provides 16” more width compared to that of a queen size bed. A king size mattress is also great if you are cosleeping with pets or children. King size mattresses are available in plush, firm, or extra firm. Our king mattresses are on sale from $799.

A cal king mattress measures 72” x 84.” This is a great mattress for taller individuals or those with longer rather than wider master bedrooms. The cal king mattresses are also great for those cosleeping with children or pets. Cal King mattresses are available in memory foam or hybrid materials. Our cal king mattresses are on sale from $799.

Once you have decided on your mattress size, the next step is deciding on the right type of mattress for you. Consider if you want that sinking in feeling like that found in a plush mattress or that firm yet supportive feel. We’re here to help you sleep better.